Welcome to Rock n’ Roll Dad

Hello, Dads

If you have stumbled onto this blog, then you are clearly as confused as the rest of us. Rock n’ Roll Dad is not so much a title as it is a concept and lifestyle. Rock n’ Roll Dads are young (and young at heart) fathers who are trying to raise the best kids they can. They are passionate, edgy, (at times) juvenile, man-children who have somehow careened into adulthood with youngsters in tow. All while trying to retain a bit of themselves as they embark on their new found responsibilities.

Rock n’ Roll Dads are not fathers with preset expectations for their children. Rather we are nurturers, guardians, providers, disciplinarians and modern men with modern approaches to parenting and maintaining a household. We are the New Dad who has not yet given up on our youth. We encourage our children’s exploration so that we may live longer, fuller lives through them. We are not perfect, but we’ll get the hang of this parenting thing one day (or die trying). Welcome to Rock n’ Roll Dad!